trademark has several tools, it is a distinctive symbol

or word used to represent the company or its products,
Once the mark is registered, the same innovative designs or logo cannot be used by any other organisation,

Thus, it is still in use in the market, Government fees and necessary paperwork are paid .

Also, choosing a unique brand name can be a daunting task .

It is also sure that Choosing a unique brand name can be ​a daunting task.

How do you find Brand Name unique? And attractive?
a name that is available on the web interface and has a url.

Others say it’s easy, just use your daily build and programming tools and name it,

others say it’s nearly impossible, “Just give them the money and they’ll do it for you.”

trademark designers use many tools to strengthen and show the brand’s image.

So we will explain to you the importance and foundations of branding.

How important is your trademark?

Your brand name is the first impression that is created in the mind of the public.
Choosing a name isn’t just something that looks cute and cool on your business cards, product, or company banner.

When a tag adds value and interest, a distinguished name is a great thing,
Because the distinguished name is the essence and the beating heart of the brand.

Before Choosing a Name, You must know the Following for Your Company or Product:

  • Characteristics of Attributes.
  • The benefit not just the specs.
  • The brand should reflect the values that the company professes.
  • Personality.
  • Users of the product or service.

University of Alberta 2010 conducting a study on trademarks, She said that consumers and the public have more interactions with brands are consistent “Coca-Cola, Kit Kat, Jelly Belly”.

In 1893, the pharmacist Caleb Bradham invented a mixture of cola and vanilla oils, in the name of “Brad’s Drink”

The company was converted to “Pepsi”.
because it is a more attractive and easy to remember name.


Here comes the need to create a brand with customers, because the public is always looking for an identity that suits their needs.

As well as being convinced, satisfied, bragging about the sign, remembering it, discussing it, and comparing it with other signs.

It does a lot when you buy products from Apple.

And the name of the company has become a global brand, due to the simplicity of the name, high-end designs, luxurious products and high quality.

Women and celebrities are also proud to choose the Gucci brand, which is distinguished by its unique and refined designs. Even world famous people wear company uniforms.

What are brand building tools and how can they be deployed?


Many companies have added in their logo a phrase indicating their brand name that is repeated in every advertisement that is presented.

Thus, it is not always easy to develop an attractive logo that will have the effect of magic in the minds of customers. For example, Coca-Cola always associates its advertising with happiness.

Also, many “chocolate” companies confuse their advertising as the key to happiness.

Colors :

Some companies use a combination of colors, which contributes to brand recognition,company like this is a company like Vodafone “the color red” in all image ads, paper prints, banners, vinyls, paper pages, clothing and design their pages with their own internet, so that the mindset of the customer’s image is painted when looking at the color red.

Celebrities and social media:
  • Celebrities are the most valuable medium, as many brands contract with celebrities in the field of art and sports, influencers in society and bloggers, in order to impart certain qualities, trust and fame to their brand.

Nike always brings in sports stars to advertise its shoes, and sports equipment manufacturers sign contracts

with famous athletes to be their icon, naming sports equipment after them.

  • Animation is the least expensive thing to do is to create a new animated character to be connected in the minds of the audience.
    Icons There are still many ways to choose the shape that represents your company or brand name.

The traveler’s insurance company uses the symbol “sun” to indicate that buying insurance is equivalent

to owning a solarium in case it rains.

  • Social media has become one of the most attractive means of attracting the audience than any other advertising medium.
A word for mental suspense. “slogan”

Some brands that he sees and hears for the benefit of the public, think of another word, for example:

When Apple comes in front of a large audience, he remembers Adobe designs.

  • BMW “Safety”.
  • Mercedes “luxury”.
  • Pinterest “Handmade”.

Some stories at the beginning of its creation

Some brands relate to interesting and interesting stories about the company, such as talking about the founder of the company and the struggle to create the company,

Thus, the story can add benefit to the brand if it is likable and interesting.

The story of the founder of the “Kentucky” chain, which had a difficult beginning after the death of his father and his family suffering from poverty.

While he was taking care of his family and preparing food for them, he did not know that this situation and work since childhood were hiding his future fortune and billions.

Harland came up with the idea to start a restaurant, then converted one of the rooms in his station into a kitchen selling fried chicken.

Ten years later, he discovered a secret way to fry chicken without the need to use cooking oil, and it became a famous secret mixture.

It has become a global brand and celebrities are advertising the chain which has become all over the world the name Kentucky Secret Sauce.

This success story teaches us how to overcome the difficulties we face from a young age, and not to give up at any time in life.

FedEx was the first company to use modern aircraft to transport goods around the world, telling us about difficulties on arrival.

For customers starting from the driver who carries a lot of goods to the airport in time without delay to deliver it to the customer on time.

This story also teaches us that customers should be valued even over time.

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