Choosing Canvas Poster for your “home or business office” is one of the things that sometimes takes a lot of time from you. It may lead to confusion in answering this question, “Will the Poster be suitable for your home?

Or will your tableau give you ​a different look than you expect

.This question raises a lot of confusion before choosing the right board, The drawing, which appeared in the form of a modern painting with an Islamic touch

Therefore, we worked on a high-quality design specifically for the graphic audience to look at the colors that go with the palette.
If you want this painting or change some colors in it to match the colors of your house, you can contact us

What type of printing is used and materials used?

The printing on the tableau after the design is the most important thing. It must be of high quality.
This tableau is printed on canvas with high quality.
Then the material is stretched on a wooden frame, the thickness of the wood is 2.5 cm.
The tableau was designed on Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.